Thursday, January 19th, 2017
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Kendall Nagy: Boise, Idaho

Kendall NagyAbout Me:

My passion for quality parenting began long before I was actually a parent myself. My interest in parenting coaching started when my father-in-law began sending me cut outs of John Rosemond’s Parenting column. I looked forward to receiving these envelopes of wisdom and while I was occasionally skeptical about some of his strict discipline strategies, I loved John Rosemond’s traditional philosophy! It instantly resonated with me and made perfect sense when looking forward to whom you would want your child to grow into.

I am an Idaho native, I continue to cherish my relationship with my husband after nearly 20 years, and I am the parent of two children. I am committed to the families and the schools systems within our community, which is evident in my experience working with children and their families as: a substitute teacher, a counselor aide for adolescents, a workshop instructor (assertiveness & leadership), a soccer coach, and PTA President.

I am the first and only Certified Coach of the John Rosemond Leadership

Parenting Institute in Idaho.

I am the founder of Parenting in Boise (, a local resource for anyone who aims to enhance his or her child’s foundation through traditional parenting. There are three simple, yet powerful values at the core of Parenting in Boise’s philosophy: respect, responsibility, and accountability. These values, modeled with love and leadership, help you build a foundation for your child that will ultimately enable them to be happy well-grounded contributing members of your family and the community as adults.

I am passionate about working with parents, or any advocate of children, to help strengthen a child’s foundation. The different ages and diverse backgrounds of the children I have worked with have helped me excel at listening to different perspectives, extracting key points, and communicating individualized plans for positive change.

Please visit to see if I can help give you a fresh perspective on your parenting, and/or assist in solving parenting or discipline issues.

Services that I offer through Parenting in Boise:

  • Coaching Services
  • Workshops
  • Speaking Engagements

I am available for coaching in person, or online / via phone once you are established as a client.

Contact Information:

Kendall Nagy 208-918-2002

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