Monday, January 17th, 2022
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“Hello? 911?"

March 4, 2021

“Hello? 911? Listen, I’m feeling threatened by leftist ideologues! Could you please send a therapist over here, like, right away?”

Amy Cooper, the pinkish-manilla-skinned woman who was arrested last spring for calling 911 claiming she was being threatened by an “African-American man,” has had her charges dismissed. The fellow in question, it turned out, was a birdwatcher. He confronted Cooper for walking her dog off its leash in New York City’s Central Park. He is obviously a dog hater, which will be allowed until, that is, people begin claiming to be dogs or dogs begin acting like humans, either of which seems imminently possible.

Cooper was subsequently arrested for filing a false police report. False? Said man confronted Cooper. She felt threatened. Her feelings are false? Wait a minute, a person with male biology who “feels” like a woman is telling the truth, right? These days, if it walks like a man and talks like a man, it’s possibly – especially in New York and California – a woman. So, in the alternate universe occupied by the left, if a person’s feelings define reality, then how was Cooper’s report false? Since the incident occurred in New York state, I want Andrew “Coverup” Cuomo to explain that to me, very slowly.

At the prosecutor’s recommendation, the judge dismissed the case after Cooper attended a counseling program described by said prosecutor as an “alternative restorative justice solution.” After five restorative justice sessions, the therapist called the experience “moving” and said Cooper had “learned a lot.” Okay then! Cooper is once again thinking straight! (At this point, I should mention that “thinking straight” is about to become illegal speech.)

Sending people to therapists is what the Soviets used to do to comrades who were, in their estimation, not behaving or speaking according to rigid Soviet orthodoxy. The Soviet tyrants would send these hapless folks to psychiatrists for “rehabilitation.” Unfortunately for said “patients,” the psychiatrists in question operated out of long-term psychiatric inpatient institutions and their “therapy” consisted mostly of mind-cancelling electroshock sessions. So, said “patients” would go for “therapy” and in many cases, never be seen again.

Since its inception, psychology/psychiatry has been used as a tool by authoritarian governments to enforce political correctness. It is currently being used for that purpose in North Korea, China, Venezuela, Cuba, New York, and, according to rumor, Delaware. Yep, my chosen profession is being used to enforce political correctness right here in the USA, where citizens once enjoyed freedom of speech.

To be clear, when freedom of speech was written into the Bill of Rights, it was not meant to protect “nice” speech like, “Gosh, I love your new haircut!” It was written into the Bill of Rights to protect speech that offended certain other people, an example being “I’m being confronted in Central Park by an African-American man and I no longer feel safe!” That’s racist? Sounds to me like Cooper was (a) providing 911 with pertinent identifying information and (b) describing her emotional state accurately. I’m feeling the need for Andrew Cuomo again.

I grew up in Chicago and went to school with lots of guys whose last names ended in vowels. About half of those names indicated Polish ancestry. For the most part, those guys were safe. But as for the other half, all bets were off. The prevailing rumor had it that if you crossed one of the guys in question – a guy with a name like Primo LaRocco – you might end up taking a dip in the Chicago River wearing a concrete overcoat. So, when I saw one of said guys walking toward me in the hallway, I stepped politely to the side because he wasn’t going to. Did I need a therapist?

And what does it mean that Amy Cooper, after seeing an alternative restorative justice therapist, has “learned a lot”? A reasonable conclusion to draw after examining research into the efficacy of therapy – ANY form of therapy – is that therapy is a farce. According to peer-reviewed studies, talking about a personal problem to your barber is as effective as talking to someone with a PhD in clinical psychology. What has Amy Cooper learned other than she needs to be more careful in her choice of words in certain situations? Hey! Her lawyer cut a deal with the D.A., who really didn’t want to be bothered with taking Amy Cooper to trial. The therapist, in turn, realized that if she didn’t exonerate Amy Cooper, her reputation would be tarnished. That’s what this whole thing boils down to.

What’s next? We’re already over the line of bizarre, and if you are interested in where we go from there, Google “French Revolution.” In the meantime, try this on: If someone, walking their dog at night, conspicuously avoids going through a public housing project occupied exclusively by dark-skinned folks and where everyone knows illegal drugs are readily available, is that racist? And if the dog-walker in question is in fact a bona fide racist, so what? He or she is doing no harm to anyone, right? And what business is it of the government’s what thoughts occupy the person’s brain as he walks his dog? Does the government have a right to compel said dog-walker to walk through the projects as part of a restorative therapy program?

Come to think of it, is there anything more racist than a nine-square-block government funded ghetto?

Copyright 2020, John K. Rosemond


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