Saturday, May 28th, 2022
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“It’s nothing personal, pal.”

January 27, 2022

To his dubious credit, POTUS rang Fox News reporter Peter Doocy and apologized for calling him a “stupid son of a b----h” during a press conference on January 24. Doocy, being the stand-up guy that he is, accepted Biden’s apology graciously and said they had a nice conversation.

Allow me, your truth detective, to point out a few things:

First, this is not the first time Biden has used crude language in reference to a reporter who asked him a tough question. Just the week before, he called a female reporter “stupid.” I am left to suppose that he couldn’t think of the female equivalent of an SOB.

Second, I’ll bet my retirement fund that Biden did not call Doocy because he was overcome with shame. He called and apologized because his handlers told him to.

Third, calling someone an SOB is most definitely personal. No question about it. Biden was referring to a person, not a piece of furniture.

Fourth—which is one more than “a few” but bear with me, please—it should be obvious by now that Biden can’t defend his policies…or, more accurately, the policies he is told he must promote by the same handlers who told him to apologize to Doocy. Ask Biden a tough question and unable to come up with a rational answer, he resorts to the street language he learned as a kid.

Fifth, the consistency of Biden’s inability to explain why his policies—a “come on in and stay a while” immigration policy that floods the USA with hard drugs and various other forms of criminality, a fiscal policy that has caused a whopping 7 percent rate of inflation, an incoherent COVID policy, a foreign policy that has licensed Putin to threaten the sovereignty of Ukraine, a foreign policy that has given license to China’s regional hegemony, a foreign policy that resulted in the loss of Afghanistan to a tribe that would have us all return to the Dark Ages…shall I go on?—are precisely what America needs right now means his policies are rationally indefensible.

Biden is the Alfred E. Neuman of contemporary American politics. His administration’s guiding slogan is “What? Me worry?” The scariest thing about the fact that Biden’s policies are not good for the American people is that they ARE good for some people. Mostly, they are good for the Democrat Party’s power elite. They must be because the fact that they aren’t good for you and me makes no difference to the Party elites. They just keep going in the same direction, undeterred by a sense of responsibility to average people like you and me.

The people pulling Joking Joe’s strings are interested in one thing and one thing only: securing political power and enriching themselves in the process. That’s not government of, for, and by the people. It’s soft tyranny, which rarely remains soft for long.

Copyright 2022, John K. Rosemond


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