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Are You a Useful Idiot?

December 10, 2020

I recently told an ultra-liberal Democrat that I knew who my enemies were. I then asked, “Do you know who your enemies are?” He thought a moment, then told me that his enemy was the Republican party.

“Wrong,” I said. “Your enemies and my enemies are one and the same.”

The Soviet ruling elite referred to people like my friend as “useful idiots” – people who, albeit intelligent, lacked the ability to think critically. The useful idiot could be swayed by appeals to emotion, especially those that cast him either as a victim, the champion of the victim, a moral superior filled with patriotic zeal for the promised utopia, or all the foregoing. I am acutely aware of the worldview that inhabits the useful idiot because I have been there, done that.

The useful idiot allows his rational thought processes to be taken over by propaganda that feeds his pride. He subscribes because subscribing makes him feel like he belongs to a movement that represents all that is righteous. The movement embodies a glorious vision of human perfection in which peace and love rule the universe and the extraterrestrials finally leave us alone because they no longer need to save us from self-destruction.

The reality of this supposed utopia is that everyone is demoted to the lowest of common denominators and all resources are held by a chosen few to distribute as they, in their “wisdom,” see fit. Truth becomes falsehood, falsehood becomes “truth,” virtue becomes evil, evil becomes virtue, what is irrational becomes rational, and misery becomes the new normal.

The useful idiot is, first, useful because he can be manipulated by the puppet masters, caused to believe that when they come to power, they will favor him with privilege. Second, he is an idiot because he can be manipulated to help accomplish that which is opposite his self-interests, primary of which is liberty of thought and expression.

Accomplishing their perverse utopia requires that the cabal infiltrate education, media, the entertainment industry, the church, the Internet, and the bureaucracy. Take a look around you. If you are not alarmed, then you are, by definition, a useful idiot. In which case, but presently unbeknownst to you, you and I have a common enemy.

Copyright 2020, John K. Rosemond


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