Thursday, June 27th, 2019
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Quite a number of people who regularly read my weekly syndicated column in the Raleigh News and Observer have contacted us because the column has not appeared in the RNOs pages for the past several weeks. Right. It has not, and it will no longer. The fact is that people under the age of 45, generally speaking, do not subscribe to print newspapers; rather, they get their news - some of it, unfortunately, "news" - online. To make matters even more unfortunate, that is also my parenting demographic. As newspaper revenues decline, editors must do all things possible to reduce the size of print newspapers correspondingly. Print newspapers are not coming back from life support, so my column is going to begin disappearing from print editions. But as is the case with the RNO, in most cases the paper will move my column to their online edition. I intend to continue writing the column. To my benefit (and yours, hopefully), the fact that my column is moving to an exclusively online presence gives me more freedom to be provocative and politically-incorrect. If a paper deletes me from their online edition, my reaction is, "Ho-Hum." It will affect me naught because the column will ALWAYS, as is presently the case, be put up every Wednesday on this website. By the way, my column holds the distinction of being the longest-running syndicated column that's been continuously written by one and the same person - 40 years! That's because of folks like YOU, so THANK YOU!


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