Thursday, August 11th, 2022
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Commonsense Is in Short Supply These Days

September 30, 2021

Has the same old, same old seasonal flu disappeared as a consequence of vaccines? No, it has not. It’s still with us and probably will be until the end of times. Its mortality rate has simply been reduced.

Does any individual capable of logical thinking believe that the COVID virus will stop doing its occasionally nefarious thing as a consequence of vaccines, even if it could be proven that the vaccines in question do more good than harm? COVID is going to be with us forever. Given that its mortality rate is lower than that of the seasonal flu, I fail to see reason for uproar or even more than commonsensical precautions. A friend contracts COVID? Don’t go around your friend until he or she has recovered. Wow! What brilliance that Rosemond guy exudes!

My wife and I went to a local (New Bern, North Carolina) restaurant for lunch today. Of six visible employees, five were mask-less, one was wearing a mask that a virus can pass through as easily as a mosquito can pass through a chain-link fence. Easier, in fact, by much. Surely, he voted for Biden, the candidate of those who do not or will not take the time to “follow the science,” a libel usually directed at Republicans, but without merit. When I asked him why he was the only employee wearing a mask, he began mumbling incoherently.

This evening’s performance of “Clue” by the New Bern Community Theater was cancelled because of “issues with COVID.” Huh? What is an “issue with COVID.” One would think that if a cast member developed a symptomatic case, the announcement would have read, “because a cast member, most unfortunately, has developed a symptomatic case of COVID.” My next-door neighbor, a very intelligent attorney, and I speculated that a cast member may have tested positive. If so, so what? The tests are notoriously unreliable, in both the positive and negative direction, and most cases, especially among young people, are asymptomatic. I ask, “So what?” because at any given performance, surely at least one person in the audience would test positive. More likely, given the popularity and entertainment value of our Community Theater, at least ten. Calling off the play and rescheduling it for next week, by which time COVID will no longer be a threat to mankind (JOKE!), is a demonstration of the sort of thing that happens when liberals run things.

Commonsense is in short supply these days. It has been for quite some time, in fact. The fundamental characteristic of a person with commonsense is the ability to not panic in the face of crisis. Panic helps no one, ever, regardless of its context. Panic is stupid. Once upon a time, long, long, ago, I was prone to panic. Thankfully, I can’t think of any situation that would provoke panic in me today. Hello, I am John, and I am a recovering panicky person. What does it take to stop panicking? It takes the realization that if you feel panic rising, you (a) are in a problem situation that demands fast problem-solving and (b) your ability to solve problems is seriously impaired by panic. That’s all. Commonsense. It’s in short supply these days. I already said that, but it merits repeating.

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