Monday, January 17th, 2022
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Darwin Got It All Wrong

January 21, 2021

Apologists for Darwinian evolutionary theory tend toward being both infuriating and hilarious.

Full disclosure: Until my early 40s, I accepted Darwin’s theory of macro-evolution as the gospel. I thought only narrow-minded, uneducated, superstitious nincompoops believed in an invisible supernatural being who poofed the universe into being and created humans out of clay. Then, I began reading books written by scientists in various fields who were arguing against Darwin’s theory and, poof, just like that I became a creationist. Today, I think Darwin was a brilliant man who came up with a brilliant, but wrong, theory. His problem was simply that he didn’t possess the scientific knowledge of things like DNA that we possess today.

Anyway, back to the infuriating and hilarious people who are the public spokespersons for Darwinism. Take David Barash, for example. Barash is professor of psychology emeritus at the University of Washington and the author of Threats: Intimidation and Its Discontents. In the December 30, 2020 Wall Street Journal, Barash reviewed Donald Prothero’s book, The Story of Evolution in 25 Discoveries. How, one might ask, does a psychologist (of which I, too, am one) qualify to review a book on evolution? Because both psychology and evolution are leftist-atheist-postmodern ideologies that have no basis in good science. Barash and Prothero are blood brothers in the cause of destroying belief in God.

Barash begins his praiseful review by invoking the “evolutionary fact that complex multi-cellular creatures came along later than simple, unicellular ones.” Indeed, the fossil record is clear on that account. It is indeed a FACT that small things came before bigger things. But is it, as Barash claims, an EVOLUTIONARY fact? No, it is not. The FACT of the matter is that the fossil record – especially the record contained in the so-called Cambrian Explosion – supports the creationist view. In the CE, all major animal phyla appeared, fully formed, around the same time. No evidence of evolution there. The CE contains no transitional species, for example. It is paleontology’s Big Bang. There were bacteria, amoeba, and planaria, and then, BANG, there was nearly everything else. That’s called creation, as described in the first chapter of the Book of Genesis. The CE drives evolutionists up a wall. They have no choice, really, but to twist the facts to fit their ideology.

Barash goes on from there to homologies: the curious fact that the body parts of various species seem to be constructed on the same basic pattern, as in the bone structure of the human hand and porpoise flippers. Evolutionists employ homologies to “prove” common descent.

Barash: “The Darwinian story provides scientific insights into why homologies occur, whereas the theological story simply reiterates that they occur.”

Wrong again! The Darwinian story does no such thing! Darwinism explains homologies in terms that preserve a materialistic worldview. Darwinists begin their “scientific” explorations with a conclusion: God is a fiction. They then fit evidence into that conclusion. Thus, homologies “prove” evolution. But homologies can be easily explained theistically: to wit, God often created different species using similar designs. Why not? He is under no obligation to never replicate basic templates.

Barash then cites the FACT that the flora and fauna of islands often resemble those of nearby continents, “a phenomenon that wouldn’t necessarily be expected if each had been a separate, independent creation.” Huh? Barash sets up a straw man – to wit, if someone called God created thingies, each thingy He created would be found, at least initially, in only one spot – and then knocks the straw man down. But the Bible says no such thing. It says God covered the earth with His creation. And so, the fact that similar flora and fauna are found in separate places on the earth is consistent with the Biblical account.

Barash claims that an animal with both amphibian and fish-like features proves said animal is a “transitional species.” No, it doesn’t. It proves only that there was once an animal, now extinct, with both amphibian and fish-like features. A salamahi? newtagrouper?

According to Barash, Prothero “enumerates transitional species galore.” Trust me, transitional species are the Great Darwinian Myth. Take “Lucy,” for example. Lucy, as she was named, was a supposedly transitional hominid species found in Africa in 1974. For many years thereafter, evolutionists proudly pointed to Lucy’s bones as proof of their theory. Then it was determined that Lucy’s bones were not Lucy’s bones; rather, they were a collection of bones from several different animals. So much for Lucy. May she/he/it rest in peace.

Furthermore, the Bible does not say that Adam and Eve were the first hominids. It says, and this is very important, that Adam and Eve were the first hominids God created with souls – the first truly HUMAN beings. So-called “Old Earth Creationists,” of which yours truly is one, believe hominids existed prior to God creating Adam and Eve. So, even if fossil remains such as Lucy’s dubious collection of bones are dated prior to human beings, that does not prove evolution.

Barash then goes on to animal and human body parts that make no sense, like the giraffe’s laryngeal nerve, which begins in the upper neck, loops down to its heart and then back up again. Only a “thoroughly incompetent designer” would make such a contraption, says Barash. Okay, so the fact that some features of God’s designs don’t make sense to people like Barash and Prothero means God doesn’t exist. How about Barash and Prothero make very little sense; therefore, Barash and Prothero don’t exist? An equally “scientific” deduction, if I do say so myself.

Darwinists don’t bring up DNA because it is their stumbling block. DNA is essential to life. Said another way, to qualify as a living organism, a candidate must possess DNA. We’re talking about the most complex binary code ever discovered. We’re talking about an absolutely gorgeous arrangement of code that takes the form of a double helix – two snakes curling around each other with a regular arrangement of code between them. FACT: There is no way DNA could have been present in a one-celled organism that spontaneously appeared in otherwise inert primordial muck. FACT: There is no way DNA could have evolved. It is clear, irrefutable evidence of a Designer. FACT: Darwinism cannot get over that hurdle. Oh, they try. Do they ever try. Some of them propose, for example, that Earth was seeded with one-celled organisms from other planets in the universe by solar winds or comets, which only makes for another question Darwinists stumble around: “How did life arise on those planets?”

Intelligent design proponents (they avoid the word “creationist” but that is effectively what they are) – William Dembski, Michael Behe, Phillip Johnson, et. al. – make a much more logical case for creation than Barash makes for evolution. I highly recommend their books. If you’re interested, begin with Johnson. He introduced me to the truth when I was in my early 40s. He can do the same for you.

Copyright 2021, John K. Rosemond

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