Wednesday, November 29th, 2023
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Gabe and Heidi Landes: Beavercreek, Ohio/San Diego, California

About Us:

We are Gabe and Heidi Landes, certified Rosemond Parent Coaches and parents of four children ages 8-14. For too long we were tired, stressed-out, and frustrated parents. We loved our kids and wanted the best for them, but we had bought into the idea that the more we could give and do for them, the better off they would be. So like all good parents, we served our kids constantly and showered them with attention. In return, our kids argued, didn’t listen, didn't obey, didn't complete homework, didn't pick up their room nor help with dishes, or even put their shoes on without a good bit of nagging from us.  ‚Äč

We began reading books and magazines for help. We enviously watched the perfect parents on Pinterest and commiserated with the struggling parents on Facebook. And we felt better, because everyone we knew was just as frustrated as we were.  We had no idea parenting could be any different.

Then, a friend invited us to a weekend parenting retreat with John Rosemond, and we went. And our life changed. We were introduced to the "Seasons of Parenting" and realized we were stuck in Season One, revolving around our kids. We learned how to move into Season Two and put our marriage back in the center of our home. We went home, implemented what we learned, and within six weeks our house was completely different (for example, a 7-year bedtime battle was permanently resolved in one week). Today, our kids are cheerful, happy, obedient, motivated, and hard workers. For real. True story.

We became certified Rosemond Parent Coaches because we want all families to find the peace and freedom we have found. We will help guide you into a completely new approach to parenting, and you will see things change in your home, too!

Areas We Service:

Ohio and California

We split our time between Ohio and Tijuana, Mexico, meaning we are in San Diego A LOT and attend church there.

Services that We offer:

In Home Meetings
Phone Consultations
Group Presentations

Our contact information:


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