Thursday, July 9th, 2020
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Group Studies


Parenting by the Book
Group Study

Parenting by the Book is ideal for use as a text in parenting classes conducted by churches and schools, especially Christian schools. Each of the eleven chapters is followed by Questions for Group Discussion or Personal Reflection that are sure to stimulate plenty of discussion. In addition, John has included a section on “How to Use This Book” that will serve as a guide to group leaders and facilitators.

Includes: Leader’s Guide, Guide’s Copy of Parenting by the Book, Media Pack, Parent Outlines and Audio CDs.

Parenting by the Book
Group Study: 10 Pack Books with CDs

This package is available for the Group Study: an additional 10 pack of PBTB Books with 10 Audio CDs. Please note this is NOT the main package for the Group Study, just additional books/audio CDs.

$199.00 $199.00
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