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How the 'Woke' Crowd Conceals Their True Nature

December 30, 2021

Willie and I live in the historic downtown neighborhood of New Bern, North Carolina. We moved here in July of 2014, having become enamored of it during a brief “let’s check it out” visit earlier that year. We absolutely love it here. I spent most of the first seven years of my life in what is now referred to as the historic district of Charleston, South Carolina. (Back then, it was run-down, falling apart, and rat-infested…a rather far cry from “historic.”) To be specific, my single mother and I lived one block south of Broad on Church in a cold-water flat located on the second floor of a mixed-use building that now has a Bentley parked in the courtyard. New Bern brings back memories of my childhood (prior to my mom’s second marriage, to The Troll, they are nothing but idyllic) but unlike my childhood neighborhood, it doesn’t require Elon Musk’s annual income to live here.

Our neighborhood encourages walking and I walk whenever the occasion allows it and when there is no occasion at all. In the course of my meanderings, I pass homes with yard signs that inform me of the amazing caliber of people who reside therein. They believe that Black Lives Matter, Women are Equal to Men, and Love is the Answer. Best of all, they hate nothing. Their yard signs say so. Oh, and they believe in kindness.

Of course, they are all a bunch of liars. Come to think of it, is a person a liar if he doesn’t know he’s a liar? In any case, the neighbors in question are woke. Elon Musk, whom I have grown to love because he makes me laugh out loud almost as much as Trump did when he and the drop-dead gorgeous Melania lived in the White House, has got these folks’ number. What does Elon do that cau

ses me much mirth? He speaks the unadorned truth and I cannot help laughing out loud when the unadorned truth is spoken by someone whose financial and social interests would be better served if he had a sign in his yard that announced his amazing wokeness.

During a recent interview with the CEO, EIC, and creative director of The Babylon Bee, Musk nailed the woke crowd. Among other things, he called them hateful. Bingo! They conceal their true character behind their yard signs and bumper stickers, and their true character is everything their yard signs and bumper stickers say they are not. Don’t be fooled, a person with a yard sign proclaiming “Hate Has No Home Here!” hates people like me. He’d be right at home as an Official Purgemeister in the old Soviet Union. Who invented cancel culture? Not modern-day American neo-liberals. The Bolsheviks, Hitler, Pol Pot, Mao Tse Tung, and that ilk, that’s who invented cancel culture. The woke crowd are very unoriginal, however dangerous to the fundamental human right to freedom they are.

Once upon a time, I wondered how my woke neighbors slept at night? On the one hand they announce their virtue for the world to see. On the other, they would prefer a world in which no one is allowed to publicly express an opinion other than one they agree with. How do they explain that glaring contradiction to themselves? I have finally answered that question: to wit, they don’t. The bright light of their self-concept blinds them to their self-reality.

One aspect of their self-reality is they are cowards. How so? They don’t want to talk politics. They will yell politics from within the safety of a mob, but they won’t engage in a discussion that requires them to defend their worldview. They cannot rationally defend it because it is rationally indefensible. How, for example, does one defend a claim to not being a racist white supremacist when he—"HatMister I’m Morally Superior to You and I Have a Yard Sign to Prove It denies being a racist by claiming that anyone who doesn’t agree with him is a racist and even though he represents a minority, he has the talking heads of CNN and MSNBC as well as half the usual suspects in Congress and the likes of Mark Zuckerberg, Billy Bob Gates, and that Twitter guy who identifies as Rasputin behind him, and in Twenty-First Century America, that’s “proof” enough that one’s yard sign is spot on. And yes, that was one sentence.Has No Home Here” Yard Sign Man—believes that black children should be held to lower academic standards than white children? People should be given entitlements based on the color of their skin or the continent of their ancestors? Really?

The other thing that really bugs me about the woke crowd is their humorlessness. I mean, is Stephen Colbert truly funny? No, he’s not. Bill Maher? Nope, albeit Maher seems to be waking up to the reality of woke, but the final results aren’t in. Lefty wokies are mean. Their humor is mean. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have an objection to meanness parading as humor. I believe everyone should enjoy freedom of speech. I want to know where people stand. I want to talk politics and religion…with intellectually 

Anyway, come see us in New Bern. If you find our house—look for no yard signs proclaiming our moral superiority—knock on the door. If you have children with you and they possess fundamental social graces, you can even come in and have a glass of tea—unsweetened, the way God made tea to be consumed.honest people, that is, which Colbert and Maher and their ilk are not. I don’t have an objection to meanness parading as humor, but I do believe that the people in question are objectionable. Colbert tries to be funny but he comes off as not very smart and crass to boot. Tucker Carlson, on the other hand, pretender to the throne of Rush, doesn’t try to be funny and he’s funnier than Colbert has ever managed to be. That’s because of two things: Tucker is a whole bunch smarter than Colbert and Tucker is correct only slightly less than one hundred percent of the time.

Copyright 2021, John K. Rosemond

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