Monday, January 17th, 2022
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I Will Not Bow Down

April 8, 2021

When the average Joe or Jolene hear the words “free market,” they are apt to think in terms of an economic principle – to wit, the ability to create and sell products without government regulation. The guiding principle of the free market is, “Let the market decide.” In that statement of principle, “the market” is synonymous with “the people.” Let the people, consumers, determine what is worthy and what is not; what survives and what does not.

The same principle applies to ideas. In the First Amendment, the Founding Fathers recognized the importance of creating and preserving a free market of ideas. The USA was and still is the only country in the history of the world to create protection for people who want to speak their minds – to wit, the First Amendment. To cite my favorite example, I am able to express my thoughts – however unpopular, adversarial, outrageous, heretical, countercultural, offensive to some, and even dumb – in this BLOG because of the First Amendment.

With one party rule now ensconced in Washington, that freedom – the most precious freedom of all – is under assault. Under the pretense that “they” – the new gatekeepers of speech – are only trying to prevent speech that might rile members of certain entitled minorities, the Constitution is being dismantled. What we are watching is the modern equivalent of the Roman Catholic Inquisition – also being about regulating thoughts and speech.

As Lord Acton famously said, “Absolute power corrupts absolutely.” What is currently taking place within the Swamp is confirmation of the adage. The majority party fancies itself to be a monarchy of sorts. The Democrat monarchy is concerned with the acquisition of power and the acquisition of power only. Why have they opened the border? Only fools would believe that is a humanitarian gesture. It is a step toward creating a permanent Democrat majority. Why do Democrats pander to minorities of all sorts? Only fools would believe they truly care about the well-being of, say, black Americans. Consider that black Americans were doing better in every respect prior to Democrats deciding they needed to be taken care of. To cite one statistic, the two-parent black family was the norm prior to Democrat Party meddling, which destroyed the black family under the pretense of creating a “Great Society.”

Now, the Democrats are ripping apart the Constitution under the pretense of protecting people from hearing things that might set them on edge. What? Do we think for a moment that when the Founders guaranteed “freedom of speech” they actually meant “freedom of speech that doesn’t offend someone in an entitled minority group”? No. The First Amendment was written to guarantee OFFENSIVE speech. Now the emperors of the Internet have appointed themselves the final authorities on what speech will be allowed and what will not. Anyone who does not think there is a festering evil at the heart of “Cancel Culture” needs to stand up and wipe the sand off his face.

As for me, and as this BLOG illustrates, I will not bow down.

Copyright 2021, John K. Rosemond

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