Wednesday, February 1st, 2023
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John's Favorite Things

A Few of John's Favorite (and not-so-favorite) Things:

1. Favorite Clothing Brand: Canali, Zegna

2. Favorite Ties: Robert Talbot

3. Betcha Didn’t Know: John has a collection of Trafalgar suspenders

4. Favorite Men’s Store: Coffman’s, Greenville, NC

5. Favorite Grocery Store: Publix, Fresh Market, Trader Joe’s

6. Favorite Drink: Unsweetened Iced Tea with fresh-squeezed lemon juice, spring water

7. Favorite Foods: Braised boneless spare ribs in mushroom and onion gravy over wild rice medley, Chicken Marengo, Roasted salmon, and a really good thick-cut rib eye steak

8. Foods John Just Won’t Eat: None that he’s found so far

9. Things John Won’t Do: Jump from an airplane, do the “shag” (a dance popular in the Carolinas), snow ski

10. Favorite Vacation Spot: The Big Island (Hawaii), Kauai (Hawaii), Carmel (CA)

11. Favorite Pet: The Amazing Mazie (7.5 pound Toy Schnauzer that came to live with John and Willie in 2007 and now runs their home)

12. Favorite Music: Classic Rock ‘n’ Roll (pre-Army Elvis, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Four Seasons, Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, early Moody Blues, and so on) classic rhythm ‘n’ blues (Smokey Robinson, The Temptations, and so on), and blues (Muddy Waters, early Fleetwood Mac, Paul Butterfield Blues Band, and so on), but then there’s Mozart, Hayden, Handel, and so on.

13. Music John Can’t Stand: Rap and most heavy metal

14. John and Willie’s Home: Modest 2000 square-foot frame house originally built in 1845, located in the historic district of New Bern, NC

15. Favorite Furniture: American primitive

16. Favorite Teams and/or Sports’ Figures: None…John has zero interest in sports

17. John Likes To: Go shopping with Willie, play golf (plays with vintage hickory-shafted clubs from the 1920s and early 1930’s, mostly made by Tom Stewart, St. Andrews’ clubmaker and clubmaker to Bobby Jones), read (non-fiction: mostly theology, politics, sociology, history)

18. Favorite TV Shows: John and Willie do not subscribe to cable television. They mostly stream movies and British programs from Netflix and Amazon.

19. Favorite Employee: Daughter, Amy

20. Favorite Restaurant: The Charleston Grill, Peninsula Grill (Charleston), 247 Craven Street (New Bern, NC), Morgan’s (New Bern), MJ’s (New Bern, for their boiled shrimp)

21. Favorite Chain Restaurant: Longhorn Steakhouse

22. Favorite Hotel Chain: Marriott

23. Church: Tabernacle Baptist Church, New Bern, NC

24. Favorite Preacher: Dr. Scott Gleason, Tabernacle Baptist Church, New Bern, NC

25. Desert Island Book: The Bible (New American Standard Version)

26. Desert Island Music: Mozart’s Symphonies

28. Desert Island: One of the many uninhabited islands of the Exumas, Bahamas

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