Tuesday, September 17th, 2019
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Laura Gray: Merida, Mexico

About Me:

Laura has an extensive background in education, having worked 20+ years as a high school teacher, school counselor, and university professor. She has a B.A. in secondary education, a Master's and a Specialist's degree in counseling, and a PhD in Instructional Design with an emphasis in online learning. She has three children of her own, as well, so she knows a great deal about kids and how to deal with them. Laura first began reading John's books when she was pregnant with her first child (who is now in college), and she and her husband have followed his suggestions and principles in parenting their two sons and daughter.
Laura lives in Merida, Mexico (in the Yucatan) with her husband, daughter, three cats and a dog. Her two boys are away at college in the Southern U.S. She is available for consultations via phone, Skype, and sometimes in person, and she is happy to do speaking engagements in person.

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