Wednesday, November 29th, 2023
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Liz Mallett: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

About Me:

My grandmother said that I was "born with a baby on my hip." Mothering came natural to me at a very young age. Spending most of my childhood and teen years caring for babies and young children, teaching preschool throughout my college years only added to my love and interest in family building.

At the core of my philosophy regarding a harmonious family is the belief that the marriage comes first. I encourage parents to focus on their partners first, their children second. I value traditional roles within the family, calling for a loving male leader and a supportive wife. Parents make decisions based on what's best for their children, not necessarily what pleases their children.

My husband of 20 years encouraged me to homeschool our own children. Because of his steadfast support, we will soon graduate our oldest son from high school! I realize that homeschooling may not be the best choice for every family, but I have spent the past decade encouraging new homeschool families on their journey. However parents decide to educate their children, it's my goal to eliminate the micromanagement of schoolwork by most American parents.

I work primarily in Oklahoma, but am available via phone or Skype for established clients.

Services that I offer:

Phone consultations


Group Presentations

Speaking Engagements

My contact information:

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