Sunday, May 26th, 2024
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Lynnette Sheppard: Anthen, AZ

About Me:

Lynnette Sheppard is the mother of five, most of whom are teens and young adults. As a Family Science major in college, she thought she knew all about how to raise children. When her oldest child was born as the king of strong-will, however, followed by four others in short order, none of the psychological principles she learned in college were working in actual practice. Her kids were out of control, leaving her feeling hopeless and helpless. Then she and her husband discovered John Rosemond, started applying his teachings, and everything changed. Her children went from out-of-control to obedient, respectful, and responsible.

Now that her kids are starting to leave the nest, Lynnette is passionate about helping other parents learn the skills that turned her family around so many years ago.You can connect with her on her website or via email:

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