Thursday, August 11th, 2022
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On Climate Change

September 9, 2021

More and more evidence is accumulating to the effect that man is not the primary driver of climate change. First, however, the fundamental question: Is climate change truly happening? I happen to think so, but then the climate has been changing in cycles since Earth was created, thousands but most probably several billions of years ago. 
The primary driver is our sun, which also has a climate that cycles. Every heavenly body has a climate, and all climates are equal in the sense that they all cycle. Cold gets colder and then it begins getting warmer, and so on. 
As do all her planets, our sun warms and cools as it emits more and then less solar rays. Hold that thought.
So, it appears that all the planets in our solar system are heating up, and equally so when one factors in and compensates for size and distance from the sun, their primary source of HEAT. Ain’t that Something? If all of the planets in our solar system are heating up, and equally so, then a common denominator is acting on them. In our case, the common denominator is our sun, which, in effect, is constantly “breathing” into the solar system, sometimes more, sometimes less. Truly, it’s a breath of life.
The FACTS are that (a) while modern man’s activities may account for a small amount of climate change, the primary variable is the sun, and (b) nothing we do is going to change the sun’s climate, and right now in the history of the universe, our sun is getting hotter, which is known as “hotter ‘n blazes!”
The question then becomes: What, then is the primary driver of climate change propaganda? It’s obviously propaganda because the facts don’t support it … never have, never will. The primary drivers of said disingenuous puffery are money and control. In a word, power. It is certainly significant in that regard that the puffery emanates from the Democrat Party and its minions, and – I’ve said this in this blog many times but it bears emphasizing – the Dems are desperate and will therefore go to desperate lengths to accomplish their aim, which is to concentrate power—including power over every nuance of our lives—in a centralized elite that then manipulates us for their nefarious purposes through their PR department: the mainstream media, which now includes Facebook and other social media. The mainstream media has developed a mutually codependent relationship with the Democrat Party. It’s what The Donald was calling out when he talked about fake news.
How brilliant of them, really. They create, out of whole cloth, a fake crisis and then tell us that the only way we’re going to survive is to do what they tell us to do. And the sheep bow down.
It occurs to me that the cultural dysfunction now called “parenting” mirrors this codependency. In that case, the child intuits, right around the start of toddlerhood—eighteen months, give or take—that control over his parents can be obtained by creating fake crises of one sort or another. His parents, in order to tamp down any given crisis the child manufactures to a barely tolerable level, begin doing what their little tyrant tells them to do. Irony of ironies, the ubiquity of that family dysfunction is why I have a job. The child’s crises are like climate cycles in that they range from hot (e.g., psychotic tantrums) to cold (e.g., episodes of depression) in a child who lacks nothing but is obsessively driven to occupy at all times the center of attention and concern in his family.
“Why would a child pay the price of depression in order to get attention?”
Because human beings are the one and only species that is self-destructive. (The suicidal lemming story has been deemed patently false.) Our self-destructive bent is built in, furthermore. The “trick” is to identify it within ourselves and understand that our only salvation is Christ Jesus. No human being has ever solved this problem autonomously and no human being ever will.
I realized about 23 years ago that I could not stop acting against my best interests, which is the root of all other problems, on my own. I needed God and I needed His Son. I needed their unflagging love and their blameless discipline. All of God’s children need Him and His Son.
Parents often ask my advice on how to most lastingly lead their children to Christ. My answer, “Be His disciple. Serve Him by giving your children unconditional love and unequivocal authority. Reflect Him in how you deal with your kids. You are their first understanding of God. Make it authentic.”
And all God’s children said…

Copyright 2021, John K. Rosemond

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