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One Way, One Truth, One Life

December 3, 2020

I believe, in its entirety, the account of the life, execution, and resurrection of Christ Jesus, Lord and Savior of all who come to believe in him. To be clear, I believe His grace is freely offered to all, to embrace or reject as each sees fit.

I qualify as a paradoxical believer. If someone told me when I was, say, in my early twenties, that I would be a believer in Jesus and the truth of God’s Word, I would have immediately stopped inhaling what they were inhaling. I was raised by highly intelligent atheists who possessed three PhDs between them and taught to regard belief in God as superstition.

Then I began reading the Bible. That is the intellectually honest thing to do, if I do say so myself. I became especially captivated by the Bible’s account of creation, which I had been taught was a myth. No, it’s not. Myths conform to certain linguistic characteristics. The Bible does not even approximate the forms that defines myth.

The third verse of the creation account found in the first book of the Bible is a statement of scientific fact: the universe began in a mega-burst of light. By what means did Moses, the author of said book, know that? He possessed no scientific instruments and had not even attended kindergarten. The only sensible answer to the foregoing question: God told him.

In the account, God immediately separates light from darkness. That, also, is a scientific fact. In the first micro-seconds of the Big Bang, light matter and energy separated from dark matter and energy. How’d Moses know that?

We are then confronted by an earth that is covered in water. Tectonic and volcanic forces uplift the land, creating islands and continents. How’d Moses know that?

The Bible tells us that fish and other sea-dwelling creatures are the first life forms. How’d Moses know that?

Most important of all, biblical creation is true creation. God does not fashion what is already there, as is the case in creation myths. He creates out of nothing. He speaks the universe into existence and then fashions it into planets, suns, and solar systems, with a few black holes here and there. The universe is expanding. So says the Bible. So says the astrophysics community, as well.

One of the above “coincidences” might be written off as coincidence, but that many? Not a chance, as probability theorists will affirm. It’s as if God is saying, “Someday, you will discover that I am a giver of nothing but the truth. In fact, you will discover that I Am The Truth.” Yep, one will discover just that, whether by the easy way or the hard way.

Jesus identified Himself as THE way, THE truth, and THE life. I highly recommend that everyone consider the possibility. It will cost you nothing and just possibly gain you everything.

Copyright 2020, John K. Rosemond

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