Monday, January 17th, 2022
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Rosemond 2024?

April 15, 2021

I hereby announce that if Donald J. Trump or someone hand-picked by him does not run for president in 2024, I will.

I’m serious. I will be 76 years old in November 2024, and I guarantee that I will be of much sounder mind that Faux President O’Biden. My party affiliation will be NONE. My platform will consist of the following promises: I will…

  • work for an Amendment to the Constitution that limits the terms of Representatives, Senators, and POTUS to one term each – said terms being, respectively, four years, six years, and six years. NO MORE CAREER POLITICANS!
  • work to enact federal law prohibiting a sitting Representative, Senator, or POTUS from running for any other office – federal, state, or municipal. A sitting Senator wants to run for President? He must resign and do it on his own time and his own dime.
  • work for the establishment of federal and state laws that require the loser in a civil lawsuit to pay all legal and court costs. That guarantees I will not have the backing of the American Bar Association.
  • do whatever it takes to close our borders to illegal immigration and require anyone who snuck into the USA illegally to go home and start over.
  • strip federal funds from any municipality or state that declares itself to be a sanctuary for illegal immigrants.
  • restart the Keystone Pipeline.
  • eliminate the federal income tax, thus requiring the states to support the federal government. LET THE PEOPLE VOTE WITH THEIR FEET!
  • limit the powers of the federal government to those explicitly enumerated in the Constitution.
  • strip federal funding from “public” education, including at the college level. Let the states fund their own education debacles.
  • rigorously enforce the Tenth Amendment.
  • refuse aid to any country that supports terrorism, subjects its people to totalitarian control, restricts freedom of speech or religion, or refuses to recognize the legitimacy of Israel.
  • make it a federal crime to interfere with free speech on the Internet.
  • cancel federal funding for colleges and universities who fail to demonstrate that their faculties are not at least 40 percent conservative.
  • end all entitlement programs and empower churches to take up their proper ministries. Social Security and Medicare, by the way, are not entitlements. My calculations, for example, reveal that I will never come close to being compensated for what I paid into SS.
  • That’s for starters.

I will not raise money to support my candidacy, nor will I accept contributions. That means if my name appears on a ballot, it will be because of the efforts of others. In other words, I will be a write-in candidate. If Lisa Murkowski did it, so can I.

Copyright 2021, John K. Rosemond

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