Friday, April 20th, 2018
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“John’s writings are characterized by both practicality and compassion, and he has had a decidedly positive influence on families for several decades now.”

~ Dr. James Dobson


"Back in the late 80's you spoke in Boone, Iowa, on parenting. My wife and I read your newspaper articles, where advice was given on raising children. We were both educators, and retired in 2012, although we continue to substitute teach on occasion, loving young people. On this Mother's Day we were reflecting upon the impact you had as we successfully raised three children, who are as of today 31, 29, and 27. We give you a great deal of credit for providing a common sense approach, with Christian values, of how to raise our precious gifts from God, our three children. We just wanted you to know the positive effect your words provided. Thank you for helping us navigate the most important role in life we had/have. May your words continue to guide others as you did for us."

~ Tim from Iowa


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