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We Are One Bloomin' Mess

December 17, 2020

The new national motto is surely “We Are One Bloomin’ Mess!”

Anyone who thinks that everything is going to return to normal after Joe the Schmo is inaugurated should stop smoking whatever they’re putting in their hand-blown bong. And to anyone who thinks I’ve just disrespected the presidency, wake up. Joe the Schmo was not elected. He was “elected” by voting machines that were tampered with at the voting machine factory and mail-in ballots that were “mailed in” by people who were killed in the Battle of the Bulge.

As I write this episode of my blog – a word that fits our national circumstances to a “T” – there is still some likelihood that truth and Trump will prevail. Nonetheless, the fact that the election was a fraud should jolt everyone out of their Facebook addiction and into reality, if, that is, they have enough functioning neurons left to carry out the assignment.

Several years ago, I realized what was happening in the world. I saw it happening to friends and family members and determined that it would not happen to me. So, I hired someone to manage my social media. Confession time! I’ve never logged into Facebook, Twitter, or any other demonic manifestation found on the Internet. Thus, what I write, at age 73, still makes perfect sense. That’s right. You may not agree, but I make perfect sense. My mind functions as well as it did – much better, actually – than when I was in my twenties. The secret to my agelessness is quite simple: I read. In fact, for every page I write, I read at least twenty. I don’t watch television. I keep my brain alive and fit by reading and believe me, the brain is the most important muscle in your body. Furthermore, I don’t waste my time reading fiction. I read what other people have to say about important things as opposed to what’s going on in George Clooney’s life these days. But I digress.

Two thousand years ago, the apostle Paul said that our battle was with supernatural powers. A person who is not clear on that is incapable of dealing with it – properly engaging in the ongoing battle – at a personal level. Most of our politicians are not clear on that. Therefore, despite what might be good intentions, they are incapable of dealing with it or helping us deal with it. Most of the people who occupy America’s pulpits are not even clear on that. Therefore, they are equally incapable of dealing with it or helping us deal with it. So, we, the people, must deal with it on our own. And we must prepare our children to deal with it. America’s educators began gulping the Kool-Aid in college, so they cannot be trusted, even if they teach at so-called Christian schools. As the late, great Bo Diddley so profoundly said, “You can’t judge a book by lookin’ at the cover.”

Parents! Are you with me so far? You absolutely must see to it that your children become armored with a biblical worldview! In the post-Babel history of the world, that has never been so important as it is today. First, you must not allow your children’s worldview to be defined by what so many children are consuming on smart phone screens. If you have not noticed, let me help you. Those screens are a narcotic, perhaps the most powerful and seductive narcotic ever devised. Second, you must make whatever sacrifices you need to make to take control of your children’s educations. I’m talking about transforming your home into a school. Third, you must make the Bible their primary textbook. And you must make the Bible YOUR primary reference. You must build your family – beginning with your marriage – on a solid biblical foundation.

The attack on what is good and what is truth has never been so intense. The barbarians are at the gates and make no mistake, their intent is to destroy every semblance of good and every semblance of truth. They intend to substitute what is irrational for what is rational, and their primary targets are the most vulnerable and impressionable among us – to wit, America’s children.

And they are succeeding. One of my very own precious grandchildren recently told me that his generation “doesn’t really care if someone is transgender.” The problem? He’s right! The young people of his generation have stared at the electronic opium for so long that many of them are incapable of distinguishing truth from falsehood. They are incapable of knowing evil even if it’s right in their faces.

Two thousand years ago, Paul told his audience that dealing with the enemy required putting on the armor of God. Two weeks ago, someone told me that I should stick to parenting and leave theology to the theologians and politics to the politicians. How utterly naïve. It’s all one and the same.

Copyright 2020, John K. Rosemond


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