Monday, January 17th, 2022
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We're About to Find Out What Tulsi's Made Of

February 11, 2021

The Democrat Party, having gained power, is rapidly revealing itself incapable of governing. Do they really think they can afford to demonize half the country? They obviously do. Since his inauguration as president ersatz, Biden has destroyed thousands of jobs, destroyed women’s athletics, weakened the military, and weakened Asian-American students chances of getting into top-flight universities.

I’m going to play psychologist here. Donald Trump came very close to uncovering the evil that has embedded itself in Washington. One more term would have been the clincher. The swamp denizens had to stop him at all cost, and they did. Or, they think they did. Or, they’re desperate to convince we, the people, that they are in their rightful place, doing rightful and necessary things. One thing is for certain: They are scared. The extreme speech they’re putting out there and the extreme things they’re threatening are the stuff of fear.

They spent four years trying to prove that Trump was a Russian agent. Dark humor is defined by the true believers in that bright red herring. Lenin coined a term that aptly describes them: useful idiots. I don’t think many on the right even begin to comprehend the depth of the depravities and abuses of office the New Left was trying to hide with that charade.

Notwithstanding a three-year sham investigation of a sham dossier supposedly unveiling a sham conspiracy, impeachment, and push-back from many on the Republican side of the swamp, Trump prevailed. He stayed the course, never wobbled, not once. What a guy! He had the swamp creatures quaking in their luxury lifestyles.

Every morning, my wife and I spend about an hour drinking coffee, cuddling with Mazie the Wonder Dog, catching up on the latest in the crash and burn, and doing the Wall Street Journal crossword (me). Willie pulls up video of Tucker Carlson, Laura Ingraham, Maria Bartiromo, and other rational people. Tulsi Gabbard has been a frequent guest on their shows. I know her parents, met her briefly when she was a teenager. When Tulsi first ran for Congress, a conservative friend of mine in Hawaii told me she was “out there.” I took it that Tulsi was the consummate New Ager, a believer in crystal healing and dancing to Shiva on black sand beaches at midnight in the full moon.

Tulsi Gabbard is making more sense than any politician except maybe Rand Paul and I’m still unsure about him. Yes, Tulsi is no longer a congresswoman, but it sounds a lot to me as if she’s setting herself up for a run at something. I think she’s going for the brass ring. She’s got to be almost as if not more scary to her former colleagues on the left side of the aisle as The Donald. How are they going to demonize her? She’s a woman and ethnic. She appeals to millennials and boomers. She’s a surfer! But mostly, she’s highly intelligent, articulate, rational, logical, attractive to men and non-threatening to women. She is the package! How in the world are the creatures from the Black Lagoon going to demonize her? They’re going to try, for sure. And the more they try, the more repellant they’re going to appear.

I dig Tulsi. It’s going to be interesting to watch how she deals with the garbage Pelosi and AOC and CNN and The New York Times and The Washington Post and Whoopie (can’t forget one of the most perceptive political analysts going) begin tossing her way. I flunked Fortune Telling in grad school, but I predict, nonetheless, that Tulsi is going to come out on top without breaking a sweat.

Copyright 2021, John K. Rosemond

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