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Who's on First?

October 29, 2020

What can parents who possess and have modeled commonsense and rational thought processes do when children go off to college and promptly become convinced, courtesy of their professors – ideologues of the sort I marched with in the late 1960s – that the United States is not and has never been a great country, a beacon of freedom for the peoples of the world, but rather a systemically racist, sexist, homophobic cesspool in desperate need of riot therapy?

A question I am frequently asked, that. My answer is usually along the lines of “Why did you send them to said institution of anti-American learning in the first place?” The usual answer: “That’s where he/she wanted to go.”

“And just how did he/she come to want to go that particular leftist propaganda mill?”

“Well, we toured several college campuses and he/she liked that one the best.”

Ah, yes. The ubiquitous tour of college campuses, the result being that the youngster in question makes a life-altering decision on the basis of the “feel” of a certain campus as well as an artfully crafted sales pitch by a completely unbiased college employee. That was a joke.

Our kids told us what colleges they wanted to attend. In return, we informed them of the colleges we would pay for. It was a short list. One propaganda mill is as good as the next, after all. One child called me one day and told me he was voting for Michael “Tank Commander” Dukakis. He heard Dukakis speak and “liked” him.

“What did you like?” I asked.

Pause. “Um, I guess I just liked his stand on things.”

“Give me an example.”

He couldn’t. That’s the state of mind of the average young college student – easily swayed by stuff that sounds good but has no substance. And you’re going to let this person choose where to spend YOUR hard-earned money based largely on some visceral emotional reaction? The adage, “You get what you pay for,” is never so apt.

The second child, following graduation from the University of North Carolina, the People’s Republic of Chapel Hill, told me she did not tell me of the brainwashing that took place in her classes – was the major feature of most, in fact – for fear that I would promptly transfer her to a small Christian school where she would have no fun. Yes, that is precisely what I would have done, her misery notwithstanding.

The parents of a nineteen-year-old girl told me that at her college’s parent orientation, a faculty member, in his address to the people who funded his salary, said the college’s purpose was to “separate your children from you and your values and help them toward thinking for themselves.”

First, that is not the purpose of university. Second, it’s a lie. Excepting a handful, the goal of today’s American university is not to help young people think for themselves; it is to indoctrinate them in the most-failed, destructive ideology ever devised by the evil heart of man. I saw it coming when I was in college, I just didn’t know what I was seeing.

“Why did you let her go there?” I asked.

“It’s where she said she wanted to go,” they answered.

I am reminded of the title of a well-known Jim Carey movie.

Copyright 2020, John K. Rosemond

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