Monday, September 25th, 2017
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The Perfect Parenting Plan Reflection & Discussion Questions


The Perfect Parenting Plan

Questions for Discussion and Personal Pondering

by John Rosemond

For a PDF version of these questions, please click here.  

  1. Assuming that you are a committed Christian (given that TPPP is a Christian parenting program), has your parenting to date been shaped more by Scripture or more by the world and secular values?
  2. If your parenting has been greatly influenced by the world at the expense of parenting according to God’s Parenting Plan, what steps can you take to correct that situation?
  3. Is your family currently child-centered? If so (and it probably is), can you identify the social and cultural pressures that have caused you to put your child or children at center-stage?
  4. Can you envision and identify benefits to your children of putting yourself (if you are a single parent) or your marriage at center-stage in your family?
  5. Is your parenting focused more on your children’s achievement or more on character development? If the former, what specific steps can you and are you willing to take to shift that focus to character values?
  6. Do you have a clear, Scriptural understanding of your children and a non-defensive attitude toward their sinful nature? What parenting behavior would be different if you completely accepted that your children are sinful and that even correct discipline on your part cannot make then sin-less?
  7. With regard to your children’s sinful natures, what is your proper role, what is your goal, and how can you best go about accomplishing that goal?
  8. Is your parenting more heavily weighted toward Love or Leadership? How can you begin restoring balance to that important equation?
  9. Do you have a clear vision concerning the purpose of your childrearing? Has it been something other than raising a good neighbor who will love God with his entire being? If so, what steps can you begin taking to correct that?
  10. Can you completely let go of a need you may have to promote accomplishment in your children at the expense of character development? Can you, for example, stop helping them with their homework and simply encourage and enforce them doing their best (whatever that might be) in school? Have you ever been to a high school reunion and realized that making good grades is not a sure ticket to worldly success?

Note: John invites any person, couple, or group that is using “The Perfect Parenting Plan” as a platform for study and discussion to come up with discussion questions of their own! If you come up with some you feel are especially good and useful, let us know by emailing Lisa:

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