Sunday, September 24th, 2017
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Parenting by The Book Group Study: 10 Pack Books with CDs

--Parenting by The Book Group Study: 10 Pack Books with CDs

This package is available for the Group Study - an additional 10 pack of PBTB Books with 10 Audio CDs. Please note this is NOT the main package for the Group Study, just additional books/audio CDs.

For those groups who need copies, or extra copies of Parenting by The Book:

Additional copies of Parenting by The Book may be purchased for members of the study group in boxes of TEN books.

Included with each book is a copy of Parenting by The Book study program Two CD Audio set.

That’s TEN books and TEN CD sets for $199.00

This package is Books and Audio CDs, not the study materials. For study materials, CLICK HERE.

**Please note: For International or Canadian shipping, please contact us before placing your order: Thank you!



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