John Rosemond is the nation’s leading parenting expert and provides common-sense advice for raising your children.  John is a nationally syndicated columnist, author and public speaker, (delivering over 200 presentations annually to parents, teachers and professional groups).  His audiences are left feeling empowered, educated and entertained.  To book John for your event, click here.

A family psychologist by license, John points out to all his audiences that “psychology has caused more problems than it has solved for American parents.” John’s mission is to be a counter-weight to the psychological parenting paradigm that was sold to America in the late 1960s/early 1970s, restore commonsense to the raising of children, and give parents the guidance needed to raise happy, well-mannered children who will, as adults, contribute value to culture and society.


Interested in Working for John?

John is looking for two self-motivated, enterprising folks, one to serve as his booking agent with churches around the USA, the second to serve as his booking agent with Christian schools. Emphasize: These are separate positions. Said folks should feel very comfortable “cold calling” people and being humbly persistent about getting through. Needless to say, they should be committed Christians, personable, intelligent, familiar with John’s work, possessing of a consistently positive attitude, and enthusiastic concerning John’s mission/ministry. Ministry, staff, committee, or Christian school experience would be ideal. These are commission-basis job opportunities. Approached properly, each job could consume 20 – 30 hours per week. Someone only wanting to make “pin money” probably need not apply. John does not micromanage people who work for/with him. In fact, he is adamant that if it turns out a Rosemond Team Partner needs micromanaging, they are no longer going to be a Rosemond Team Partner. The job of booking agent requires very little record keeping or paperwork of any sort. Once a speaking engagement is booked, an agent would turn the event over to John’s daughter, Amy, who would then shepherd the event through to completion. This means that an agent is concentrating exclusively on booking. If you feel right for one of these jobs, please send an email telling John why you think you’d be a good fit to amy@rosemond.com.


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