Sunday, March 26th, 2023
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is John available for parent counseling?

A: John is available to do a limited number of consultations and counseling with parents. For more information, please visit his Personal Consultation page.

Q: How can I email John Rosemond to comment on one of his columns?

A: Send comments and feedback through our form on the Contact Page.  This is not for parenting questions; for individual parenting questions, consider joining John's Membership website:  

Q: How can I email John Rosemond directly for a personal response?

A: Due to the large volume of emails that we receive, John regrets that he cannot respond to individuals asking parenting questions.  However,  there are three great options to get in touch for personal help.  First, visit our Parenting Coaches page for a John Rosemond-trained coach who can help you by phone or in your home.  Second, you can submit your question to John's radio show by calling 404.419.6499 (Leave a message, and they'll call you back when he's recording again). Also, check John's membership website:  Membership is $34.00 per year.  In addition to the privilege of asking questions of John and his panel of coaches, membership gives access to all of John’s columns since 1986 and the growing Q&A archives, audio files and more.

Q: I read one of John’s columns a while back but didn’t save it. Could you send it to me?

A: John’s archived columns are available on Requests to look up and email columns are numerous, and we regret that we are unable to do this to fulfill requests. You can join ParentGuru and enjoy the benefit of being able to access all of John’s columns at any time you wish.

Q: I placed an order in the Book Store but didn't receive it, who do I contact?

A: Email to handle any missing orders or problems with orders.  

Q: Are John’s books available in Spanish?

A: Yes, but we do not carry them in our Bookstore. For Spanish-language versions of John’s books, check out

Q: Does John answer questions on the website?

A: John and his Certified Leadership Parenting Coaches answer questions on Unless your question is too complicated and/or involved, or a similar question has already been answered, inappropriate for other reasons, your question will be answered by either John or one of the Leadership Parenting Coaches.  With rare exception, most questions are answered in a timely manner.

Q: I want information on having John come to my community to give a talk or a series of talks. How do I go about getting that information?

A:  Please go to our Booking Page for more information.

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