Thursday, June 27th, 2019
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Parent Retreats

What if you could be coached by John Rosemond personally on your parenting? You can! Over the past twenty years, John has been conducting two-day small-group Parent Retreats across the country. During these events, which he calls “re-parenting workshops,” John helps parents properly understand and solve the problems they’re having with kids of all ages, especially problems with discipline. Parents from all over the USA have been unanimous in praising the experience.

John Rosemond’s parenting experience is limited to 10-20 parents per market (couples and single parents), ensuring that each and every “parenting unit” will receive a good amount of personal attention from John. You receive 14 hours of consultation and training directly from John in an intimate, private setting.


Mastering “Alpha Parenting”
Pay Less Attention, Be Less Involved, Be Happier, Grow Happier Kids
Using Consequences Effectively
Solving Bedtime Problems, Mealtime Issues, and Sibling Conflict
Putting a End to Defiance, Disrespect, and Arguments
Eliminating Curfew Issues, Allowance Issues, and Conflict with Teens



Pensacola, FL - March 8-9, 2019

New Bern, NC - June 13-15, 2019

Space is limited to 10-20 Parents at each retreat. To register for any of the following retreats, visit one of the links above or call us at 1.704.860.4711. Price details are on the purchase page.

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"My husband and I absolutely loved the parenting seminar this past weekend and feel it is some of the best money we have ever spent on our marriage and kids. Gratefully, our children even presented us with immediate opportunities to practice our new skills and WOW, did they work!" -KG/Sacramento

"I just wanted to take the opportunity to tell you how much your wisdom and advice has helped already, just a day after the retreat! I don’t mean to suggest that there has been a magical behavioral turnaround, but I DO mean to suggest that there has been a magical MINDSET turnaround, simply because you offered the opinion that we needed to learn to tolerate some “flak” from our kids and not interpret their nonsense as actual “conflict” or “rivalry” for which a corrective strategy or technique is needed. Thank you SO MUCH for a wonderful, life-changing weekend!!!" – MW/Atlanta, GA

"God used your teaching to unlock a new parenting season for us. We are armed with the tools, but mostly the mindset, we need to conduct our home as one led by two capable, decisive, strong, loving, and calm parents, not a home led or run by our three young children!" -D & KC/Smyrna, GA

"My wife and I just finished up one of the most peaceful weeks of our lives since becoming parents with a parents-only Saturday morning coffee & conversation (in our own home). Not everything went perfectly this week, but it was a HUGE improvement, and trending in the right direction! Thanks for everything!" - B & KS/Charlotte, NC


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