Sunday, September 24th, 2017
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Parenting According to Grandma

--Parenting According to Grandma

Please note that this Audio CD is being sold as "Traditional Parenting 101" at John's events across the country. So if you already own "Traditional Parenting 101", do not purchase this audio CD. Also, the content of this CD is not about "grandparenting", it is a talk about "Parenting ACCORDING to Grandmas". Please see below for full description.

A number of years ago, John recorded a 2.5  hour program before a church audience in Indianapolis, IN, in which he set forth the fundamentals of his traditional, commonsense parenting  philosophy. That recording became a 2-cassette package titled “Parenting According to Grandma!” It immediately became one of the most in-demand items in  John’s catalog. When automobile manufacturers stopped putting cassette players  in their cars, we stopped production on the series. Since then, we’ve received  more requests than we can count to bring the series back in CD format, but we  were unable to do so for lack of a suitable master. Finally, a master was found  that would convert well to CD, and a technical genius was found who could  produce a conversion that was up to John’s quality standards, and we’re back in  production!!! The NEW “Parenting According to Grandma” preserves the original  presentation in its entirety, but can now be listened to in the privacy of your  automobile, or in your living room (in either case, John recommends listening  when your children aren’t around). You’ll enjoy a first-hand feel for John’s relaxed and humorous speaking style, plus you’ll come away with all the  helpful, practical advice you need to restore commonsense and sanity to your  child rearing.

**Please note: For International or Canadian shipping, please contact us before placing your order: Thank you!



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