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Parents! Learn how to manage the six critical teenage issues: curfew, cash, cars, conflict, consequences, and co-conspirators (friends) such that your child gains FREEDOM (what he/she wants) at the same time you gain PEACE OF MIND (what you want, right?) IT CAN BE DONE!!

For years, people have been asking me to write a book on teens. Well, here ’tis! I combined my experience as a parent (my children are now grown and have their own kids) and a family psychologist in presenting a management plan–a roadmap, if you will–for parents to follow in negotiating this potentially tumultuous time in the parent-child relationship. People who read parenting books tend to be micro-managers where their children are concerned. During the teen years, this tendency has the potential of backfiring BIG TIME!!! The purpose of the book is to help parents become MACRO-managers, mentors–to help parents learn that controlling the parent-child relationship is the key to a happy parenthood during the teen years, NOT trying to control the child. – John Rosemond

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