Personal Consultations With John

As of July 1, John is accepting new clients. Anyone wishing to speak directly with John about parenting and family issues need simply click here, fill out the form, and send it back to us.

John is licensed to practice psychology but does not employ psychological theory or psychological methods in his counseling. For example, he does not test, render diagnoses, or recommend psychiatric medication, nor does he speak with children. He speaks directly – in most cases, by phone – with parents about a broad range of childrearing issues regarding children of any age. At the first session, which generally lasts 90 minutes, John begins making corrective recommendations. More often than not, three phone sessions are sufficient to putting plans in place and “tweaking” their effectiveness. John does not charge for relatively brief phone calls or emails in between scheduled appointments.

Again, for more information, simply fill out this form and return it to us. John will be directly in touch within a few days.

Want John to Speak at Your School/Church/Organization?

John is booking speaking engagements for the Fall of 2020 and Winter/Spring of 2021. In recognition of the recent economic disruption, John has lowered his fee for evening events taking place Monday-Thursday to $1500 plus modest travel expenses. Weekend events are slightly higher. This special offer only applies to engagements booked after June 30, 2020; however, previous (return) sponsors who booked before that date are eligible for a reduction in the fee. If that applies, please call us at 704-860-4711.

If you represent a potential sponsor - first-time or return - fill out this form, and John will call you back personally within a few days.

John is also offering virtual options for his events. For more information, please fill out this form, and John will call you back personally within a few days.

John is America's most in-demand speaker on parenting and family issues. His talks balance informative, thought-provoking content with a lively sense of humor. His intention is to help parents properly assume their rightful authority and correct outstanding disciplinary issues.



"What a joy it was to host John here at Church of the Savior over these past few days. The numerous positive responses I have already personally heard and the vivid response seen in the number of books sold are a testament to the importance of his ministry. At last count 561+  people heard him speak in his various seminars and close to 1000 people who attended our regular Sunday services heard his important message as well. As youth pastor here at Church of the Savior - and I speak for our Children’s Ministry Director as well - we are excited to see the fruit of his message and teaching over the years as parents put into practice all they have learned this weekend." ~ David Schnake, Youth Pastor, Church of the Savior, Nicholasville, KY

To read more feedback from John's speaking events, click here.


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