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John is the busiest speaker in the parenting field and he consistently receives superlative ratings for both his engaging speaking style and encouraging message. John’s purpose is to inspire parents to take control of their families and raise children who will assume responsible citizenship as adults.

Booking John to speak at your church, school, or organization is a simple process: Either fill out and send the BOOK JOHN email form or call John’s office at (704) 860-4711, and John will call you back personally within 48 hours. 

Please know that this is a ministry to John, and he makes every effort to make his appearances affordable to a sponsor.


"What a joy it was to host John here at Church of the Savior over these past few days. The numerous positive responses I have already personally heard and the vivid response seen in the number of books sold are a testament to the importance of his ministry. At last count 561+  people heard him speak in his various seminars and close to 1000 people who attended our regular Sunday services heard his important message as well. As youth pastor here at Church of the Savior - and I speak for our Children’s Ministry Director as well - we are excited to see the fruit of his message and teaching over the years as parents put into practice all they have learned this weekend." ~David Schnake, Youth Pastor, Church of the Savior, Nicholasville, KY

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John's Newest Book, Getting to Heaven, Now Available!

For quite some time I've wanted to write a book that pertains to some aspect of Christian apologetics and theology. I had an idea, but I did not feel I had the right qualifications. You know, a degree in divinity or some such thing. Willie and I moved to New Bern, NC, in July of 2014 and shortly thereafter became members of Tabernacle Baptist Church, which is within walking distance of our 160 year-old home. One of TBC's "draws" was the pastor, Dr. Scott Gleason. He is simply the best expository preacher I've ever encountered...and keep in mind that on many Sundays through any given year, I am listening to yet another preacher in yet another church somewhere in America. I've heard great preachers and I've heard so-so preachers and I've heard quite a few in between great and so-so. Scott Gleason, make no mistake about it, is a GREAT preacher. After attending TBC for maybe six months, I approached Dr. Scott with my idea and asked if he was interested in being co-author. Two years later, the book - Getting to Heaven: A Guide for the Perplexed - is finally off the presses! As the title reflects, the book addresses what is one of the most important questions anyone can ever ask: "How do I become assured of going to Heaven when my  time in a body of flesh and blood is done?" Amazingly enough, no one has ever written a book like this! Dr. Scott and I spent over a year researching, writing, researching, and writing. When we felt that we were finished, we submitted the book to two Christians we greatly respect.

Jim Burns, Founder of HomeWord Ministries in California wrote back: "For me, the sign of a good book is how many people I'd like to pass the book to when I am finished. When I finished reading Getting to Heaven I could not think of even one person who would not benefit. John Rosemond and Pastor Scott Gleason have the rare ability to take somewhat complicated and sometimes controversial truths and bring profound insights. I loved this book and so will you."

Dr. Allan Mosely, Professor of Old Testament and Hebrew Studies at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary: "Socrates said, 'The unexamined life is not worth living.' It's shocking how many people do not examine fundamental questions like 'Where did I come from?' and 'What happens to me after I die?' Plenty of people consider themselves to be intellectually curious yet they've only absorbed the PC ideas of Western culture and unthinkingly adopt those ideas as their own. This book will challenge readers to think again. In an engaging style, Rosemond and Gleason present ideas that may challenge post-modern assumptions, but the ideas are time-worn, worthy of consideeration, and right. I loved this book and suspect many others will love it and find help in it too."

Our purpose is two-fold: First, to provide guidance and hope to people - Christians and otherwise - who have asked the above question but never felt they got a good answer (and the authors are praying, of course, that the book moves lots of uncertain folks in the One Right Direction, toward the Way, the Truth, and the Life); second, to provide Christians with an evangelical tool that will strengthen their faith and hopefully help them lead others to faith in Christ Jesus.

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