Wednesday, April 17th, 2024
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Lisa Dorner: Atlanta, Georgia

About Me:

Lisa Dorner is an educator with a BSED from the University of Georgia as well as a certified parent leadership coach from the John Rosemond Parenting Institute.  She and her husband have four adult children and two grandchildren. Lisa has taught in private and public schools since 1981. She founded a private Christian school in 1983 and worked as a teacher and an administrator until called to homeschool her own children.  Her husband and she have been in full-time ministry since 1993. In ministry, she has taught at the middle and high school levels for over 23 years.  Lisa became aware of John and his philosophy of raising children before her own were even born. She incorporated his methods, with great success, in the schools that she was associated with.  After raising her children, she became passionate about teaching others in her church, other churches, and schools about what she has learned from her experiences and John's teaching. She loves that all point back to the Word of God and how He can transform our lives. 

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